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From the Artist:

My greatest joy and calm come from creating something which evokes from the viewer a lingering glance and hopefully, a visceral connection. This bond is established on the truth that we all come from the same place, and though we each take our own winding path, we have a common destiny. As a representational artist, who paints in both oil and watercolor, focusing on a Southwestern motif, my goal is to find that poignant connection with my audience and share my zeal for the grace we share.

My path in art started a long time ago in Houston, Texas, and has taken me all over the world.
To echo the phrase, professionally I have been a tinker, a tailor, a soldier and a spy, but nothing
is more satisfying to me than being a simple painter of truth. I invite you to witness my life’s
experiences through my simple art and hopefully pique something worthy of your time and

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